UnitedGames – Is this REAL or a SCAM?

I’ve been reading a lot about UnitedGames and found out that this opportunity is a network marketing (aka MLM) opportunity for a new sports app. For those that don’t know, UnitedGames is touting a new fantasy sports app that will allow players to watch commercials to earn tokens that can be redeemed for prizes such as electronics. Tokens can also be purchased and are used to engage in competitions that allow you to earn more. Full details are not released yet however due to massive interest  it seems like that this does have some potential that you shouldn’t overlook.  I’ve done a lot of research and here are some of the more informative articles:

Explanation into the Marketing Plan

Founders Explanation

There is a lot more information if you search on the Internet, some good, some not so good.

Now as you are a sports marketer this may be something that could work out for you.  We have gathered these facts:

  • The primary way to make money is to recruit players or affiliates and earn a commission from them.  However to do either you must pay to become an active affiliate ($39.99 setup and $10/month) first.  The levels you can earn from are explained in the first article above and theoretically you can earn huge amounts of money.   The affiliate program is by invitation only.  Note that the affiliate signup fees ($39.99 one-time and $10/mo) will not be charged until the product actually launches.
  • They have set a deadline to become an affiliate to October 10, 2016.   We figure the reason is that in order for UnitedGames to be compliant they need to actually start signing up players rather than affiliates.  If they don’t they could be qualified as a pyramid.  Until this date you can still recruit affiliates, after that date you can only recruit players.
  • They have yet to launch a product –  Their fantasy app has potential but it also has a lot of competition.  We’ll have to see how it will play out and as we can’t see it we don’t want to speculate.  After they launch we have been told they will not have their affiliate program anymore so any referral opportunities would be limited.

Now to test the waters we have signed up as an affiliate and paid the fees.  We are hopeful yet skeptical and feel like it’s a small investment risk relative to the upside.  So here is our advice and offer special for our readers:

  • Signup before Oct 10th as an affiliate if you want to take a chance that this may be the real thing.  Note that you will need to pay the setup fees ($39.99 + $10 per month) to refer other affiliates and earn money through your “down-line”.  As mentioned they will not actually charge you until they launch the product but you will still need to enter your credit card info to activate your affiliate account.
  • Until they actually launch there is no need to refer players yet – focus on affiliates –  Our advice is that if you do decide to signup (and activate) as an affiliate to promote to your players to also become affiliates.  Once you register as an affiliate you will be able to login and generate a referral code that you can give to them to signup as an affiliate.  Don’t ask them to signup as players yet as there is no guarantee it will actually launch.  Note that the

Here’s our offer to our customers that do want to take a chance:

  • Signup by contacting us for an invite.  To do that you will need to give us your mobile number, name and email.  We’ll then send the invite to you by both email and text message.  Once you get it you will need to signup within 72 hours and pay their setup fees.
  • If you signup for this we will provide you with 500 email leads (normally we charge $50.00)  or 50 phone leads to cover your $39.99 signup fee (note again this is not charged by UnitedGames until the app launches).
  • We will verify in our control panel if you have paid to become an affiliate, once verified we will send you the leads.
  • You can then promote to your players the opportunity to join your downline, preferably as an affiliate (that’s the best and only way to go until they launch).  If you want to take the risk you can offer them a free sports pick in exchange.

We have never promoted a MLM offer before so we are skeptical as well.  However as we are a sports software business we feel that this may be something worth the risk of $39.99.


Security Update

We are going through the sports sites and found some security vulnerabilities.  Here is what you need to do:

1.  You need to change your admin password as soon as possible.  Some users are still using the default password which MUST be changed immediately.  If you are a monthly paying customer please contact us and we will change it for you. (more…)

ZMD is under new Ownership

ZMD has been under new management since late August 2013. We were a former customer (not in sports area) that relied on some of the previous owner’s software to do business and it made sense for us to take on the business as we understood the code base. ZMD Technologies LLC however is not our incorporated entity and any transactions or payments made to that company will go to the previous owner. (more…)