ZMD is under new Ownership

ZMD has been under new management since late August 2013. We were a former customer (not in sports area) that relied on some of the previous owner’s software to do business and it made sense for us to take on the business as we understood the code base. ZMD Technologies LLC however is not our incorporated entity and any transactions or payments made to that company will go to the previous owner.

We are making a few major changes to the company:

Internet Marketing Focus – Although we still offer internet solutions development, our primary focus is on providing access to an outsourced internet marketing team. Our full service offering allows our customers who may not be particularly knowledgeable about online marketing to leverage our over 12 years of experience in all forms of internet marketing. The principals of the firm are well versed in both online and offline advertising.

Conversion of existing customers to a monthly support plan – We cannot continue to support software hosting services unless they are on a monthly recurring support plan. We simply cannot afford to provide software upgrades, support and maintenance services without proper compensation.

Increased Focus on Customer Support – We provide full account management services to our clients as if we were sitting in the same office. This includes both phone, chat and email support. We leverage tools such as screen sharing to handhold our clients through each business process.